Shipping & Storage Solutions for Covid-19 Vaccines

Thermosafe COVID-19 Vaccine Storage Container 390

Compilant with WHO / UNICEF standard E4/CB.4 for cold storage and transportation of vaccines. Perfect for transporting vaccines to a vaccination center and storing them on site indoors or outdoors during inoculations.

Thermosafe Vaccine – Storage Carrying chest Covid-19

ThermoSafe Certis Shipping containers for COVID-19 vaccines

Thermosafe Insulated One-way shipping containers
Designed for COVID-19 vaccines during shipping or storage with different temperature set-ups by using Phase Change Materials (PCM) for Refrigerated or Control Room temperature conditions.

• Temperature: 2°C to 8°C or <-20˚C
• Duration: 3 days or 5 days solutions
• Capacity: 6L, 14L, 26L and 56L
• Composition: EPS material and Vacuum Insulated Panels

ThermoSafe Certis Shipping containers for COVID-19 vaccines

Thermosafe Durable insulated containers

Designed for transportation or storage in deep Frozen conditions with dry ice.

• Temperature: -50°C to -79˚C
• Capacity: 0.11 m³ to 0.96 m³
• Composition: Made of urethane foam (provides outstanding temperature)
control and durability

Durable Shipping Containers for Healthcare COVID-19

Harloff Mobile Vaccine Carts (110V)

Carts keep vaccines cold and secure for easy inoculations.
Equipped with a vaccine refrigerator to hold Pfizer vaccines at 2˚C for up 5 days after thawing, or equipped with a medical grade freezer to hold Moderna vaccines at -20˚C.

Data Sheet for Freezer Cart VF4250K-AC

Data Sheet for Refrigerator Cart VR4302K-AC