EC2060 Blanket Warming Cabinet

Maintain patient normothermia during throughout the entire procedure, reducing surgical site infection risks and aiding in the recovery process. The programmable, quiet and affordable EC2060 blanket warmers with windowed doors are built for large capacity patient warming needs. The warming units come with a timer designed for energy efficiency while maintaining necessary temperature levels.

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EC2060 Blanket Warming Cabinet

The durable, reliable stainless steel Titan Series blanket warmers quickly and efficiently heat blankets to precise temperatures using the digital controls.

Our fan-less technology is designed to provide quiet warmth for patients, allowing them to get the rest they need for recovery. And, with the absence of lint-clogged fans, these units are safe and easy to maintain.

Mix and Match: Any size for any space. Pair with a Titan Series fluid warming cabinet to complete your patient warming system.
Durable: The affordable, rugged stainless steel cabinets are made to last and work just as hard as you do.
Convenient: Easily stock and access blankets from the front and back with the optional pass-through door.
Programmable: Control heat settings to save energy costs.
Service: Our worldwide support team is dedicated to providing quality equipment. We walk with you every step of the way to maximize your return on investment.
Capacity: 60-70 blanket (Not sure what size blanket warmer you need? Consult our sizing guide.)
Interior: 20.6 ft3 (.58 m3)
Size: 73.4 in (186.4 cm) H; 30.2 in (76.7 cm) W; 29.1 in (73.9 cm) D
Casters: This blanket warmer is complete with one set of heavy-duty casters