Rev•o•lu•tion Cart Model RCC-242

RCC-242 14.4 cu3ft.

Inside Dimensions:
23 7/8″D x 26¾”H x 37¼”W
60.3 x 67.9 x 94.6 cm

Outside Dimensions:
27½”D x 41½”H x 45½”W (top) / 46½”W (bottom)
69.9 x 105.4 x 115.6 (top) / 118.1 cm (bottom)


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Rev•o•lu•tion Cart Model RCC-242

The rev•o•lu•tion™ closed case cart is ergonomically designed to be lightweight and easy to handle. New re•volve™ casters improve maneuverability and require 32% less push/pull force than standard case carts.

See all the unique features that make this case cart – safe, easy to use and truly rev•o•lu•tion•ar•y!

Maintenance-free! The re•volve™ caster is made from glass reinforced engineered thermoplastic. Rated to 280° Fahrenheit, this high temp caster features four precision bearings in each caster – best in the industry. Twin precision sealed ball bearings improve cart handling, maneuverability and reduces the overall push/pull force by 32%.

Direction Lock
Cart features two pedal-activated swivel lock casters located at diagonal corners. Direction lock is integrated into the saddle of the caster.

Ergonomic, polymer handle is cooler to the touch than stainless steel after emerging from the cart washer. No need for gloves or towels to wrap around hot metal handles. The handle is designed within the perimeter of the bumper to reduce impact at the push pull location.
For ease of access and convenience, a door catch mechanism has been integrated into the glass-filled polymer handle system (black release button).

Windowed Doors
The rev•o•lu•tion™ case cart doors feature an industry first – clear, impact and scratch resistant poly windows. Windows allow staff to view contents of cart and determine the status at a glance.

Doors are constructed using a combination of aluminum and stainless steel. The aluminum reduces the overall weight of the cart making it easier to maneuver.
Aluminum doors are powder-coated with a custom high-temp, chip resistant resin.

Bumper System
High temp bumper is bolt-mounted directly to the bottom of the cart creating a smaller overall footprint. The four piece bumper assembly can now be easily replaced or adjusted in the field with the use of common tools.