DC400 Blanket Warming Cabinet

The countertop DC400 blanket warmers are quiet with no moving parts, making the warmers perfect for ICU, NICU and L& D units. The patient-friendly design allows you to put these aesthetically pleasing units right where they are needed, allowing nurses and aides to maximize their time. Place more emphasis on comfort and care with the relaxing, blue lights inside the warmers that soften the patient’s room.

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DC400 Blanket Warming Cabinet

The Designer Series blanket warmers quickly and efficiently heat blankets to precise temperatures using WarmSafe™ zone heating technology. The heated shelves ensure every blanket is safely and evenly warmed by adjusting temperature throughout the cabinet.

Our fan-less technology is designed to provide quiet warmth for patients, allowing them to get the rest they need for recovery. And, with the absence of lint-clogged fans, these units are safe and easy to maintain.

WarmSafe Zone Heating: Heat is evenly balanced throughout the chamber and heated shelves to provide safe blanket warming.
Service: Our worldwide support team is dedicated to providing quality equipment. We walk with you every step of the way to maximize your return on investment.
Convenient: The hands-free, push button door is designed to make loading easier when carrying an armful of blankets.
Mix and Match: Pair with a Designer Series fluid warming cabinet to complete your patient warming system. Stacks with DC400 fluid and blanket warmers and with DC750 blanket warmers.
Glass Door: Energy-efficient coated glass door reflects heat back into the cavity.
Mobile: Optional casters or mobile cart (more info)
Capacity: 14-18 blankets (Not sure what size blanket warmer you need? Consult our sizing guide.)
Interior size: 4 ft3 (.11 m3)
Size: 21.9 in (55.7 cm) H; 24 in (64 cm) W; 27 in (68.6 cm) D