Tytex’s Barrier Mask

Medical grade fabrics and textiles contribute to the quality of the product and to its superior level of protection when compared to homemade masks and commercially made paper and cloth masks.

  • Filtration Efficiency:
    Protects wearer against airborne viruses and other contaminants.
    Protects wearer against hand-to-face contamination.
    Protects others if the wearer is asymptomatic.
  • Test Results: 97% Effective Pre-Wash; 93% after 25 Washes.
  • Reusable: Washable up to 25 times.
  • Excellent Value: Compared to other single use disposable masks.
  • Comfort: Comfortable to use over prolonged time periods.
    Easy to put on and remove; no elastic bands around ears.
  • Convenience: May be worn around neck when not in use.
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We are proud to introduce Tytex’s Barrier Masks, a Superior Barrier Mask for civilian use offering over 90% protection.

Tytex products meet the highest quality standards which are approved by health care authorities around the world.