AutoMedx Pandemic Solution: SAVe II+ Portable Ventilator

The SAVe II+ is intended to provide ventilatory support for adults over 45 kgs during CPR or when Positive Pressure Ventilation (PPV) is required in in pre-hospital stage, field hospitals, outpatient environments, hospitals, ICU’s, air or ground transportation.
The SAVe II+ is a completely self-contained, small, light-weight, rechargeable battery powered device intended to provide controlled, positive pressure ventilation to a patient. It is a time-cycled pressure-limited volume-targeted ventilator. The SAVe II+ monitors the patient’s airway pressure and provide alarms for key events. The SAVe II+ allows a quick selection of appropriate default ventilator settings based on patient’s height from 130 cm to 191 cm, starting the device in “Ventilation” mode. The user may adjust key variables, such as:
Respiratory Rate, Breaths Per Minute, Tidal Volume, ​Positive End-Expiratory Pressure (PEEP) and ​Peak
Inspiratory Pressure (PIP).
The SAVe II+ delivers ambient air to the patient, but can also accepts supplemental oxygen to increase the FIO2 to the patient.


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SAVeII+ Simplified Automated Ventilator



Features & Benefits

Easy to Use:
• Single knob operation
• Low Training Requirements
• Hands-Free

• Allows Spontaneous Breathing
• Accepts Up to 6LPM of supplemental O2
• Powered by Rechargeble Lead-Acid Battery or Electrical Outlet

• Single Tidal Volume and Respiratory Rate Reduces Chance of Operator Error
• Tidal Volume = 600 mL
• Breaths / Minute = 10
• EtCO2 Detector
• No Compressed Gas Required

Intelligent Design:
• Detects Blockage and Disconnects
• Fail-Safe Mechanisms and Visual/Audible Alarms
• Up to 5.5 Hours per Charge

Use Anywhere:
• Rugged, Compact Design (6.5 x 6.25 x 2.5 inches)
• Long shelf life and durability
• Lightweight (3.1 pounds)
• Self-Contained

AutoMedx’ strategy is to develop a portfolio of differentiated early resuscitation products geared at raising the standard of care in the pre-hospital environment. The initial focus is on replacing dangerous bag-valve devices in the EMS and military markets with a safe and easy to use simplified automated ventilator (SAVe).

Utilizing a bag-valve device to ventilate has been the standard of care in the pre-hospital environment for the last 50 years. However, because a bag-valve mask requires the operator to constantly squeeze the bag, it does not guarantee consistent air delivery. Bagging requires significant concentration and skill in stressful situations. With every squeeze of the bag, the rescuer is selecting the respiratory rate and tidal volume. This can be extremely difficult to do properly even for the most highly trained professionals: “Keeping artificial ventilation rates low is difficult because the high-adrenaline state of the rescuer alters time perception, and the rapidly refilling bag-ventilation systems set up a reflex in which rescuers are inclined to deliver breaths as soon as the bag inflates.” As a result, bag-valve resuscitation has been linked to high incidence of hyperventilation, which adversely affects patients in cardiac arrest, patients with traumatic brain injury, and patients in shock. Bagging has also been linked to gastric insufflation, regurgitation and subsequent aspiration.

Portable, easy to use, safe and cost effective the SAVeII+ is the ideal alternative to bag-valve-masks or expensive transport ventilators.

The Simplified Automated Ventilator (SAVe) is designed to be quickly deployed in a pre-hospital environment by a BLS or ALS provider, a medic or any first responder with limited training. It is lightweight, rugged, hands-free, and contains a number of alarms and safety features not found in similarly priced devices. The SAVeII+ delivers an AHA compliant tidal volume (600mL) at a fixed respiratory rate (10 bpm) which removes any guesswork and reduces operator error.

The device addresses the dangers associated with bagging patients and frees up a responder to address other injuries, perform compressions, attend to other patients or further assist in transporting the patient.

The ventilator is completely self-contained, weighs only 3 pounds and does not require a compressed gas source. It can be used with a mask or a secure airway. Low pressure supplemental oxygen can be used if desired. The SAVe will deliver ambient air for up to 5.5 hours on a single battery charge and may be recharged from a standard AC outlet. It is a set flow, time cycled, pressure limited (38 cmH2O) device.

The SAVeII+ mitigates the potential for injury, reduces operator error, complies with guidelines and improves a medical responder’s ability to perform other critical task. It is ideally suited for situations where the use of pressurized gas is inadvisable or unavailable, or where size, weight, ease of use and portability are a consideration. Forward deployed field medics, mass casualty incident coordinators within the Department of Homeland Security and EMS professionals will find the device well suited to their needs.