SSCOR Onboard Suction – Board

Onboard/Portable Suction

SSCOR, Inc. provides portable and onboard vacuum solutions to meet your emergency suction requirements. SSCOR onboard vacuum systems include options for different pre-hospital applications, conditions and ambulance configurations


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All SSCOR suction products utilize disposable collection for ease of use and operator safety, meet standards for suction efficiency and provide variable vacuum regulation without restricting flow. SSCOR/board components are available in either stainless steel or injection molded plastic.

The SSCOR VX-2 with retention bracket and the SSCOR EVX with retention bracket are very versatile onboard solutions. Both are full featured, portable, battery powered aspirators that mount in the action area where it connects to battery power. In this position, the VX-2 or the EVX both function as onboard vacuum systems complete with variable regulator and gauge, disposable collection canister, and a powerful, yet quiet pump. Both the VX-2 and the EVX run on vehicle power when in onboard mode saving the battery for remote use. Either option provides you with a vacuum system that meets your onboard and portable aspirator needs!