Mass Medical Standard Wall Cabinets

Configure our durable medical storage cabinets with the perfect arrangement of baskets, shelves, trays, catheter tracks, and more!

Model Numbers:
M2200, M1600, M2202, M2203, M4400, M4400D, M4402, MX4401D, M2601, M1601, M2201

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Mass Medical Standard Wall Cabinets

Specialized interior components like slide-out divider modules for long stent boxes utilize every inch of space.
Available in half sizes to efficiently finish a room and maximize space.

•Pre-drilled, metal-threaded connections at 1.25” intervals for convenient reconfiguration
•More interior storage space makes MASS™ the most economical medical storage solution
•Sloped top, divided shelf at top, and counterbalanced tambour door are standard
•Door Options – FlexLok™ tambour door, solid hinged doors or hinged doors with glass inserts