Mass Medical Mass Metal Exchange Carts

Four Cart sizes…hundreds of options
– Mix and match interior components, trays, baskets, shelves and more!
– Easy to configure for new packaging or procedures
– ABS Trays and Wire Baskets available in 3″, 6″ and 9″ heights (7.6, 15.2, 2.3 cm)
– Easy to maneuver with lightweight construction

MX6101DK – Full Size Exchange Cart with FlexLok Door and optional keyless lock.
MX6107 – Half Size Exchange Cart with FlexLok Door.
MX6102DK – Mid Size Exchange Cart with FlexLok Door, stainless steel top and optional keyless lock.
MX6108 – Standard Size Exchange Cartwith FlexLok Door, stainless steel top, and optional Red bumper.

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Mass Medical Mass Metal Exchange Carts

Create the perfect working environment with the easy maneuverability and highly-specific interiors of MASS™ Metal. Constructed of 14 gauge steel these products are lightweight, durable, and most important – designed with your inventory in mind.

Choose the perfect combination of interior modules to efficiently store and protect your supplies, or let the pros at MASS™ Medical Storage do it for you!