Harloff Malignant Hyperthermia Carts

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Harloff Malignant Hyperthermia Carts


  • 20-gauge powder-coated steel with built-in refrigerator
  • Features:

  • Uses high performance Follett® REF2 refrigerator or equivalent
  • Drawers allow for storage of poster and MH Procedure Manual available from MHAUS
  • Also store supplies to actively cool a patient, such as hyperthermia blankets, over and under the patient
  • High performance refrigerator ensures temperature controls for cold isotonic saline for IV infusion and or gastric, peritoneal or rectal irrigation, as appropriate.
  • Cart can hold critical MH emergency supplies at the proper temperature in close proximity to areas where they are most needed
  • Upgrade to back rail featuring painted steel sign that reads “MH Cart Only”
  • Breakaway lock for drawers and refrigerator with 100 breakaway seals included
  • Cart ships with wheels installed
  • Hospital grade plug and cord – 110V ONLY