X-ray film processor
Model FI-45

Simplicity is the ultimate perfection: FI-45™ x-ray film processor

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X-ray film processor Model FI-45

Simply Ingenious
All parameters of the FI-45 x-ray film processor influencing image quality are factory set to optimal values. This makes the operation easier and reduces operator error. Just plug in the new processor and fill it with chemicals and the FI-45™ is ready for operation. So Ingeniously Simple.

Unique Design Concept
Not only is the outer design of the FI-45™ aesthetically pleasing, all technical innovations of the FI-45™ have only one aim: “Optimal Image Quality”. This includes the new roller rack design and the re- shaping of the chemical tanks. Protec’s engineers have a combined experience of more than 20 years in film processor design. In this new design we have included the very latest manufacturing methods. The result is the new FI-45™

Ecological and Economic
The small re-shaped developer and fixer tanks reduce oxidation of large quantities of chemicals. This helps to save money and is good for the environment. In addition the replenishment rate is automatically adjusted to the actual processed film quantity in an optimal way. When no film is being processed the FI-45™ will be resting in stand-by mode.

All You Need
The FI-45™ comes complete with all accessories and the processing parameters are preset in the factory. The processor functions like anti-crystallisation, anti-oxidation and the permanent circulation of the chemistry are included. The FI-45™ stays operational and produces consistently good image quality even after being in stand-by mode for a long period of time.