EC230L Fluid Warming Cabinet

The affordable, dependable EC230L fluid warmer works well at the point of care with its durable, rugged stainless steel design. Patient warming is so much more than providing comfort during an uncertain medical crisis – keeping patients warm aids in the recovery process and reduces surgical site infection risks.

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EC230L Fluid Warming Cabinet

Warm all fluids to the recommended temperatures with the Titan Series, which is engineered and tested for years of hard work and reliable service. Ensure each bag is safely warmed using WarmRight® technology, which provides the right temperature for the right product to meet healthcare guidelines for IV and irrigation fluids.With the optional WarmWatch™ fluid monitoring system, track and analyze reliable temperature data througout the life of the warmer.

Convenient: Keep in patient or procedure rooms with this countertop model.
Heavy Duty: Cabinets are built for years of worry-free service.
Locked Handles: Keep fluids safe and free from tampering with this keyless security option.
Insulated Glass Door: The glass window allows staff to take an immediate inventory of the amount of warmed fluid available.
Service: Our worldwide support team is dedicated to providing quality equipment. We walk with you every step of the way to maximize your return on investment.
Capacity: 11 1-liter bottles or 16 1-liter bags
Size: 20.7 in (52.6 cm) H; 16.2 in (41.1 cm) W; 28 in (71.1 cm) D
Stackable: Stacks with EC230l fluid warmers.
Mobile: Optional casters or mobile cart (more info)