CBCII Blood Conservation System

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ConstaVac CBCII Blood Conservation System for Perioperative Autotransfusion in Total Knee Arthroplasty



The ConstaVac CBCII Blood Conservation System (Stryker Corporation) is a closed system with an internal vacuum used postoperatively to collect, filter, and allow for reinfusion of the patient’s own blood. At the completion of surgery, a wound drain is connected to the ConstaVac CBCII system. Negative pressure is applied using the internal battery-powered vacuum. Shed blood passes through an internal prefilter and is collected in a sterile 800 milliliter (mL) reservoir. After blood has been collected, it is transferred to a blood bag and reinfused into the patient via intravenous access within the first 6 hours after surgery. Orthopedic surgeons, orthopedic surgical nurses, and recovery room and medical-surgical unit nurses are the healthcare providers most likely to be involved in perioperative blood salvage and reinfusion in patients undergoing total knee arthroplasty (TKA). The collection procedure is performed in the operating room or the recovery room; blood is reinfused while the patient is in the recovery room or in a bed on the medical-surgical floor.