Aluminum Electronic Touchpad Cart PPE-Color-30

Product No: PPE-COLOR-30

  • Simple touchpad entry with key override
  • 1-8 digits
  • Operates on alkaline batteries
  • User code is stored when battery power is lost or removed
  • Audible low battery indicator
  • Continuous alarm sounds when code is incorrectly entered four times
  • Plastic top
  • Accessory panels (3)
  • Stabilizing frame with bumper
  • Aluminum mounting tracks
  • 18 colors to choose from (from top to bottom: SG – Sage Green, MG – Moss Grey, TC – Terra Cotta, SB – Slate Blue, L – Lavender, M – Mauve, Y – Yellow, CB – Taupe, T – Teal, B – Beige, AB – Crash Cart Blue, CR – Cranberry, BG – Blue Grey, HG – Hunter Green, AA – Deep Blue, AR – Red, S – Silver, CW – Cherry Woodgrain)


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    Aluminum Electronic Touchpad Cart PPE-Color-30

    Six Drawer, 76 cm
    Drawer sizes: 3″H (3), 6″H (2), 9″H
    Drawer sizes: 7.3cm (3), 15.6cm (2), 23.8cm

    Weight: 41.7 kg.

    Shown with optional accessories.

    NOTE: No auto-locking features (control knob must be turned manually to lock and unlock).
    Carts require some assembly.