Smart Seating Revolution Mobile Chair
Smart Seating Revolution Mobile Chair

Smart Seating Revolution Chair

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Smart Seating Revolution Chair

The Revolution Chair is a unique seating aid providing a simple solution to assist carers to seat residents at a dining table.

A patented swivel-slide mechanism enables the chair seat to be positioned clear of the table for easy access. The seat rotates to face the table, then carries the user’s weight forward to a lockable position at a comfortable distance from the table edge. The chair legs remain fixed and stable at all times. When the user wishes to exit the chair, a lever on the side of the seat is lifted and the seat glides back from the table. The seat then rotates away from the table, allowing easy exit from the chair.

• No more shoving residents and patients up to the edge of a table
• Patients and residents can seat themselves without assistance
• Greater independence for users
• Safe; no wheels, supports up to 265 lbs., 120 kg
• Saves money; less time sitting residents for meals
• Reduces compensation claims from staff